Digital Mammography Offers Quality Breast Care

PUNTA GORDA, FL (June 11, 2012) - Charlotte Regional Medical Center has expanded its health and wellness services available to women with the addition of Digital Mammography. Compared to its traditional counterpart, digital mammography does not use films to process the images of potential breast issues but rather uses digital imaging, allowing doctors to receive the images almost instantaneously. 

“Mammograms are faster, provide more detailed images, and eliminate the time needed to develop films,” states Gail Hopkins, director of Radiology. “This allows us to get results to your physician more quickly.” 

In fact, digital mammography images are captured in a matter of 8-10 seconds. The advanced technology allows radiologists to zoom in on particular areas or change brightness or contrast for even greater visibility. Mammography services at Charlotte Regional are accredited with the American College of Radiology. 

Charlotte Regional Medical Center strongly believes that early detection is the best defense when it comes to leading the fight against breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in women. Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, and not all lumps are detectable by touch. The goal of screening examinations for early breast cancer detection is to find cancers before they start to cause symptoms. Most doctors feel that early detection tests for breast cancer may save many thousands of lives each year, and that many more lives could be saved if even more women and their health care providers took advantage of these tests.  

The digital mammography program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center offers new hope to women in the fight against breast cancer. Evidence supporting mammograms is even stronger than in the past.  In particular, recent evidence has confirmed that mammograms offer substantial benefit for women in their 40s.  Women age 40 and older should have a screening mammogram every year and should continue to do so for as long as they are in good health. 

Among the numerous benefits of digital mammography is improved accuracy of screening women with dense breast tissue, less radiation exposure, and superior image quality that reduces the need for repeat exams. The state-of-the-art digital imaging technology is augmented by computer-aided detection (CAD). CAD identifies areas of potential concern when the images are quickly processed on the screen. Radiologists and doctors then use the results produced by CAD to diagnose potential problems more accurately. The private suite accommodates the patient’s privacy while ensuring quality results. Charlotte Regional’s digital mammography program also offers exclusive covered parking for patients. 

Charlotte Regional’s Breast Health Center is located in suite 137 of the hospital’s Medical Office Building, located at 713 E. Marion Avenue in Punta Gorda. For more information on digital mammography, call the Breast Health Center at (941) 637-2414.