Leadership Team

Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda Market Chief Executive Officer:

  • Richard H. Satcher

Bayfront Health Punta Gorda Leadership Team:

  • José F. Morillo, Chief Executive Officer
  • Randy Blanchard, Chief Nursing Executive
  • Jason Miller, Chief Financial Officer
  • Chris Loftus, Chief Operative Officer

Bayfront Health Punta Gorda Board of Trustees:

  • Andre Williams, D.P.M., President of Medical Staff
  • Gladys Perez, M.D., Vice President of Medical Staff
  • Cathy Sanders
  • Dorothy Strunk, Vice Moderator
  • Albert A. (Butch) Arenal
  • Jake Dye
  • Jill McCrory, Moderator
  • Jose Morillo, CEO, Secretary of Board
  • Richard H. Satcher, Market CEO
  • Robert Fidler, Sr., M.D.
  • Shannon Doolity
  • Steve Gant
  • Matthew Nemec
  • Ronald Monck
  • Larry Sandles
  • Chris Wenzel
  • Ethan Adams

Bayfront Health Port Charlotte Leadership Team:

  • Richard H. Satcher, Chief Executive Officer
  • Drew Emery, Chief Operating Officer
  • Hollie Vaughan, Interim Chief Nursing Executive
  • Cheryl Tibbett, Chief Financial Officer

Bayfront Health Port Charlotte Board of Trustees:

  • James A. Hearn, M.D.
  • Christopher F. Lobo, M.D., Chief of Staff
  • Gary L. Berger, M.D.
  • Maryann Mize
  • Bernard A. Duffy
  • Eugene A. Matthews
  • Andrew Emery
  • Richard (Ricky) H. Satcher, Secretary of the Board
  • Kathy Burke