Community Benefits

Improving the Health of Charlotte County

As a steward of the county’s health and well-being, Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda take their civic leadership role very seriously. That's why the Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda teams reach out to Charlotte County residents with programs and education that provide the tools and skills for healthier living. Through its community donations, health fairs/screenings, indigent care and charitable offerings, we contribute more than $4 million in benefits for the area each year and nearly $10 million in taxes that support the greater good of the community. In addition, it provides more than $50 million annually in uncompensated care.

Community outreach initiatives include:

  • Health fairs offer reduced-cost health tests and information. In the workplace and throughout the community, Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda sponsor health fairs that help area residents learn about their risk factors for diseases and ways to live longer, healthier, more active lives.
  • Free or low-cost health screenings help people identify potential problems early, when they are most treatable. Screenings have included prostate, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, skin cancer, respiratory, osteoporosis and cardiac risk factors.
  • Childbirth and parenting classes provide parents with skills in infant CPR, sibling preparation, and breastfeeding.
  • We promote immunization for all Charlotte county residents. Low-cost flu shots prevent the spread of flu, which kills thousands of elderly Americans each year.
  • Support groups help people cope with some of life's most complex problems, from cancer to mental illness. There is no substitute for the support of others who face the same struggles. Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda foster and encourages numerous support groups and provides a variety of services so that these vital grassroots groups can flourish and do their important work.
  • Our team members provide personal community service. When Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda Associates are not working, many are active participants in the community. Associates support more than 70 organizations that range from civic groups to fraternal organizations to local private non-profit organizations.